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Parade of Diamonds Brown No. 251

The Parade of Diamonds 251 is one of our top selling parade saddles. Saddle Brown with Brown Seat.

251webThe Parade of Diamonds #251 saddle comes in Saddle Brown with brown seat.

The Parade of Diamonds has been a favorite for parade riding, riding clubs and mounted police. That’s why we are still building it after 25 years. The secret is the comfortable seat that is suitable for the every-day rider who also wants a flashy saddle. Available in saddle brown and jet black and includes matching strap goods.

No. 251 comes in saddle brown with brown seat only.

No. 250 Jet Black with choice of seat color Black, white or Red

Tree: 16" Fiberglass-covered hardwood
Swell: 15"
Gullet: width 6 3/4"
Bars: Quarter horse bars
Weight: Approximately 44 lbs.
Horn: Height 3", Diameter 2 3/4", Leather covered
Cantle: Height: 4 1/2"
Skirt: Length: 27"
Skirt Width: 13"; Stirrup: Leathers: 2 1/2" with Blevins buckles
Stirrups: Tapaderos; Leather-covered Visalia®
Rigging: Double stainless steel dees in 7/8 position.

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