Deckers Grooming Assortment

Deckers Grooming Assortment
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Description 8711Free standing display unit is designed for the best use of floor space. It is efficiently organized and has an eye-catching point of purchase appeal for immediate sales. Groom assortment includes.
6 Grip Fit Grooming Brushes Synthetic Rice Root.
6 Grip Fit Grooming Brushes Soft natural Bleached Tampico.
6 Grip Fit grooming Brushes Extra soft aqua teal synthetic finishing bristles.

6 Grip Fit Grooming Brushes Tan Block w/Dark Brown Web Strap Palmyra Fibre 1 3/8" Trim.

8 Grip Fit Grooming Brushes Medium soft Crimped Synthetic Bristles in assorted colors.

10 Spiral Lacquered Spring Steel Curry Combs.

6 Grip Fit Grooming Brush Medium Soft Crimped Blue Synthetic Bristle.

10 Deckers Flexible Curry Comb White Web Handle, Flexible Comb.

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