H04000 Series

Western Style Colt 45 & Similar. Choose Med Oil, Black, Rich Chestnut.

The No. H04000 Series fits Colt 45 and similar.

Hand made from premium leather with fold over belt loop design. Sewn and rivoted for durability.

Available in:

  • Med Oil, Rich Chestnut, Black

Choose Style:

  • Line border, spotted, or basketweave.


  • H04001 - Line border in medium oil.
  • H04002 - Line border with spots in medium oil.
  • H04003 - Basketweave in Medium oil.

Rich Chestnut

  • H04004 - Line border in Rich Chestnut.
  • H04005 - Line border with spots in Rich Chestnut.
  • H04006 - Basketweave in Rich Chestnut.


  • H04007 - Line border in Black.
  • H04008 - Line border with spots in Black.
  • H04009 - Basketweave in Black.


  • H04010 - Softy plain

Made in the USA

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