Saddle Tree Bars

Please review this chart for the basic information on Saddle Tree Bars for American Saddlery / Big Horn Saddles. This is basic information, please work with your dealer for properly fitting your American Saddlery and Big Horn Saddle.

Tree Fit  Bar Inches  Fit Wire Measurements  Bar Designed For  Big Horn Saddle Examples 
 Medium/Semi  6 1/2"  11 1/4" to 14" Wide, Endurance, Gaited,
Arabian, Quarter Horse
 A00121, A00122
 Medium Plus  6 3/4"  12" to 12 3/4" Walking, Quater Horse,
Wide Endurance
 A00807, A01690
 Wide  7"  12 3/4" to 13 1/2" Full Qtr Horse, Gaited,
Large Walking
 A00503, A01658
 Wide Plus  7 1/2"  13 1/2" to 14" Haflinger, Draft Cross,
 A01681, A01579
 Extra Wide  8"  14" and up Draft  A01680
 Full Qtr Horse  7" - 8"   Generally speaking, Full Qtr Horse Bars equal 7" to 8".

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